I get asked quite often about my training and the variety it brings. Home ab workouts seem to be one of the most commonly asked about workouts. How to build a six-pack at home is something most people want to know. Of course, the foods we eat and the calorie intake we consume play a major role in ab reveal but if they aren’t strong and have some size to them, you won’t be showing them to their full potential.

In saying that, as part of my “Weightless Wednesday’s” YouTube series where I post a new video every Wednesday, I have just uploaded an Ab workout you can do at home in 20 mins or less!


Your abdominal muscles are a lot more complex than whats on the surface and they actually run to the deepest level which supports your entire body. Your overall core is responsible for strength, stability and movement in your entire body and plays a huge role in injury preventions and performance. After having a severe back injury in my late teens which was constantly bothering me up until I started Bodyweight training a few years ago, I have come to realise that doing core and ab workouts are most important for correct body function, least of all aesthetics.

In this video, I show you my favourite exercises for building a strong core and developing six pack abs without having to use any equipment or get to a gym! This workout can be done by beginners right up to intermediate levels and I love the freedom it brings. There are no excuses now to get in your ab workout! If you want to build a strong core which equals a healthy, strong, functional body, you can start implementing this workout into your weekly routine.

As part of this video series “Weightless Wednesday’s” I will also be offering prize giveaways to my training programs from https://www.bodyweightbuilt.com/ to enter, watch the video and I’ll tell you how you can win FREE TRAINING.

So enjoy the workout, leave a comment in the comments section below the video of how you found it, It would be great to hear your thoughts.