For years and years (at least 10) I tried daily to attain the body I always wanted in the gym, an image in my mind of what I wanted to look like and feel like. For me, my ideal body shape was to be athletic, fast, be able to run long distances at good speeds, be able to sprint at lightning pace and be fast on my feet, agile. I’ve previously made reference on my Instagram account @matttyf11 how I train to be multidimensional and functionally fit- Run faster, move better, jump higher, pull heavier, swim stronger and run for as long as I want is how I’ve put it in several posts.

This has never been truer since starting calisthenics and body weight training. All movements and exercises form functional fitness, as well as help, develop a full range of muscles and movements patterns all at once. The gym and weight lifting never got me to the image of my body I had in my mind. Calisthenics and body weight training did.

As part of showing you how I have made a huge body transformation in myself and countless others worldwide with my online coaching through this blog and my Instagram page, I have now started a YouTube channel where I will post all training, routines, tips and general fitness/lifestyle stuff I have done to make this transformation and continue to improve and become better and better.

My latest video is now up on my channel and you can see it by CLICKING HERE, In this video, you will see a workout routine that Wilda, Alberto and myself while in Croatia. This was a full body workout incorporating short sprints into our circuit. You will also see the hill sprints we did each morning before breakfast and at the end of the video, Alberto does a short interview with Wilda and myself where Wilda discusses her post-pregnancy fat loss and fitness routine. The beauty about Bodyweight Built training is not only that it can be done anywhere, but that anyone can do it! From all fitness levels and lifestyle, Bodyweight Built will help you develop your overall functional fitness and help you shape the body you will be proud of.

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